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Breitkopf & Härtel, founded in 1719, is the oldest music publishing company in the world. Already dealing with leading composers in the 18th century, Breitkopf continues this tradition today. “Breitkopf Pädagogik” stands for new music-pedagogical concepts. “Breitkopf Urtext” guarantees musicologically flawless editions for interpreters. Discover our history on


Bach-Werke-Verzeichnis (BWV)

  • contains the new research results since BWV2 (1990) and BWV2a (1998)
  • is based on the previous well-established count of the works, though also systematically includes all works’ versions
  • pursues a new conceptual approach designed to interlink optimally with relevant online databases (e.g., Bach digital, RISM) and other reference sources
  • organizes the accompanying data (surveys of works and sources, work collections,
    dubious and erroneous attributions, diverse indices) in a new, user-friendly system

Ravel: Daphnis et Chloé

Ballet en 3 parties – Urtext edited by Jean-François Monnard