Arens: Piano Exotico

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  • Composer: Barbara Arens
  • Instrumentation: Piano
  • ISMN: 9790004185315
  • Size: 9.1 x 12.0 inches
  • Pages: 56

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On the Easy Tour!

Barbara Arens, author of many well-known editions of music for playing piano, has been experiencing "wanderlust." Skillfully and creatively as usual, she transforms her longing for the most distant places into 28 piano miniatures. Young pianists as well as grown-ups returning to the piano have been enticed by the rhythmically varied, easy-to-moderately difficult pieces to go on fantasy trips to India, Jamaica, Singapore, or along the Silk Road. Meeting up with music such as blues or reggae, tango or Klezmer , encourages the desire en route to discover more styles until finally we reach, with the recurring patterns of motion in Hawaiian Waterfalls , the last stop of the imaginative world tour on black and white keys.

"Arens captures as she evokes the very tastes, smells and people in 'Singapore Sling Blues‘, 'Souvenir of Crete‘ and 'Hawaiian Waterfalls‘ – and the many other pieces conjuring up exotic places. Better still, she floats them into our imagination and puts them under our fingers." (Fiona Lau, Music Teacher)

  • Singapore Sling Blues
  • Jungle Song
  • Jungle Fever
  • Caligo
  • Le Tigre
  • Sitar Evening Raga Alap – Jod
  • Sakura
  • Beautiful Flower under the Full Moon
  • Geisha
  • Chinatown Boogie
  • Jaman Reggae
  • A Last Tango in Buenos Aires
  • Klezmer Nigun
  • Bollywood, anyone?
  • Souvenir from Crete
  • Balkan Gypsy
  • Fandango El Escorial
  • Robert's Rumba
  • Aloha Rag
  • On the Beach at Sunset
  • Palms in the Wind
  • Balinese Temple Dance
  • Gauguin's Dream of Tahiti
  • Dervishes' Dance
  • Fado Tràgico
  • Sumatra Rain
  • Caravanserai on the Silk Road
  • Hawaiian Waterfalls

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