Arens: Piano Vivace – Piano Tranquillo

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  • Composer: Barbara Arens
  • Instrumentation: Piano
  • ISMN: 9790004185124
  • Size: 9.1 x 12.0 inches
  • Pages: 52

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Piano Vivace – Piano Tranquillo is the name of the new music book just released by our successful author Barbara Arens. It's a book that's divided in two: turn it upside down and you can start on either side. Grouped around the two basic moods "Vivace" and "Tranquillo," the finely honed pieces range from easy to medium difficulty. There are 15 pieces in each group, no piece longer than two pages. The miniatures transform places, activities or even lemon sherbet into musical images, with highly varied rhythms and recurring patterns of motions. Whether ragtime or blues, Rio or Hofbräuhaus, "Rush Hour" or "Time to Relax" – the rich selection reflects many atmospheric shadings between "tranquillo" and "vivace". The pieces should be a delight both for young keyboard artists and for adults getting themselves back into shape after a longer absence from the piano.

"Lucky for piano pupils to have a teacher who composes pieces like this! The Tranquillo pieces are soothing, relaxing and very pleasant to play. The Vivace ones are light-hearted and upbeat. This is a lovely volume that will appeal to teenagers and adult returners." (Fiona Lau, Music Teacher)

1.01 Garden Party | (Vivace) 1.02 Rush Hour | (Vivace) 1.03 Rio | (Vivace) 1.04 Lemon Sherbet Rag | (Vivace) 1.05 Sunny Day | (Vivace) 1.06 Bach's Cha Cha | (Vivace) 1.07 Off the Wall | (Vivace) 1.08 Fresh Start | (Vivace) 1.09 Mazurka | (Vivace) 1.10 Braemar | (Vivace) 1.11 Ritmico | (Vivace) 1.12 Oktoberfest-Rag | (Vivace) 1.13 Window Shopping | (Vivace) 1.14 Cantering by a Brook | (Vivace) 1.15 Rolling Downhill | (Vivace) 2.01. Piano Peace | (Tranquillo) 2.02. The Simple Life | (Tranquillo) 2.03. Dreamy | (Tranquillo) 2.04. in Summer | (Tranquillo) 2.05. Prelude | (Tranquillo) 2.06. Song without Lyrics | (Tranquillo) 2.07. Floating on Air | (Tranquillo) 2.08. Peace within | (Tranquillo) 2.09. Old Franconian Blues | (Tranquillo) 2.10. Slow down | (Tranquillo) 2.11. Blue Sky | (Tranquillo) 2.12. Sailing on a Lake | (Tranquillo) 2.13. Time to Relax | (Tranquillo) 2.14. Dusk | (Tranquillo) 2.15. Sweet Dreams | (Tranquillo)

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