Viardot-García: Selected Songs

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  • Composer: Pauline Viardot (García)
  • Instrumentation: Piano, Voice
  • Work Languages: German, Italian, Russian (Cyrillic)
  • ISMN: 9790004184776
  • Size: 9.1 x 12.0 inches
  • Pages: 80
  • Urtext / Critical Edition

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Miriam-Alexandra Wigber's recordings of songs from this edition can be found on YouTube.

This Viardot Edition is the first critical edition of Pauline Viardot's songs. It is based on fair copies of the woman composer, who was one of the most versatile singers and important representatives of the bel canto performance tradition in the 19th century. The present volume includes settings of Russian texts by Pushkin, Feth and Turgenev as well as Italian-language songs based on Tuscan folk lyrics. All songs are accompanied by German translations, which were specifically prepared for the German first edition in the 19th century.

The solo Lied with piano accompaniment was Pauline Viardot's main genre, which she made bloom in the most diverse colors, depending on text and style. in addition to her own use, the sought-after vocal pedagogue also wrote her songs for her students. Accordingly, the songs included in this volume are suitable for different vocal genres in terms of their ranges and expressive content: for example, songs such as "Zwei Rosen", "L'innamorata" or "Das Vöglein" are suitable for light, high voices, while lyrical, lower voices can find suitable songs with "Ruhige, heilige Nacht", "Flüstern, atemscheues Lauschen" or "C'era una volta". for versatile voices with a gift for coloratura, "Non vi maravigliate" is a little showpiece, while voices with the ability for dramatic accents can sing songs like "Die Beschwörung" or "Mitternächtige Bilder". Unlike the sometimes very long Russian songs, the consistently short Italian songs are well suited as an introduction to the easier Italian repertoire. The songs depict clearly defined scenes within which the singers are able to develop their respective characters.


  • Das Blümlein, VWV 1018
  • Auf Grusiens Hügleln, VWV 1037
  • Ruhige, heilige Nacht, VWV 1038
  • Mitternächtige Bilder, VWV 1039
  • Flüstern, atemscheues Lauschen, VWV 1040
  • Die Beschwörung, VWV 1041
  • Die Meise, VWV 1042
  • Zwei Rosen, VWV 1055
  • Des Nachts, VWV 1056
  • Der Gefangene, VWV 1057
  • Das Vöglein, VWV 1058
  • Die Sterne, VWV 1059
  • Florentinisches Ständchen, VWV 1048
  • Die Verlassene, VWV 1049
  • Die Dorfsängerin, VWV 1047
  • Die Unglückliche, VWV 1050
  • Doppel-Liebe

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