Viardot-García: Selected Songs - Volume 2

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  • Composer: Pauline Viardot-García
  • Editor: Miriam-Alexandra Wigbers
  • Instrumentation: Piano, Voice
  • Work Language: German
  • ISMN: 9790004185117
  • Pages: 112
  • Urtext / Critical Edition


The piano-accompanied Lied is undoubtedly the main genre of Pauline Viardot-García's oeuvre. with this volume, we present settings of German texts by such poets as Ludwig Uhland, Eduard Mörike, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Heinrich Heine, Emanuel Geibel, Ludwig Rellstab and Richard Pohl. Except for the Uhland settings, these "German Lieder" were written between 1862 and 1871 during Viardot's Baden-Baden period, when she shifted the focus of her activities from singing to composing and teaching. Here she worked, among other things, on the poetry of Eduard Mörike, which she called "the greatest and most genuine in all German poetry after Goethe."One of her first published songs was the setting of the Uhland poem Des Knaben Berglied. Accompanying herself on the piano, she performed it in 1838 on her first concert tour of Germany. A performance of the song at the Leipzig Gewandhaus prompted Robert Schumann to remark: "She showed three talents here [composition, singing and piano playing], each of which would grace its artist." Through her music, Viardot brings the creatures in the poems to life, tracing their different characters and inner states, thus giving the texts a new level of interpretation.

  1. DES KNABEN BERGLIED VWV 1030 (Ludwing Uhland)
  2. Die Kapelle VWV 1017 (Ludwig Uhland
  3. Seliger Tod VWV 1022 (Ludwig Uhland)
  4. Der Gärtner VWV 1097 (Eduard Mörike
  5. in der Frühe VWV 1090 (Eduard Mörike
  6. Agnes / Entschwundenes Glück VWV 1099 (Eduard Mörike
  7. Das verlassene Mägdlein VWV 1171 (Eduard Mörike
  8. Die Soldatenbraut VWV 1078 (Eduard Mörike
  9. Nixe Binsefuß VWV 1132 (Eduard Mörike
  10. Er ist's / Frühling VWV 1177(Eduard Mörike
  11. Mein Fluss VWV 1116 (Eduard Mörike
  12. Das ist ein schlechtes Wetter VWV 1054 (Heinrich Heine)
  13. Im April VWV 1102 (Emanuel Geibel)
  14. Verlangen / Désir VWV 1081 (Ludwig Rellstab
  15. Morgenlied VWV 1023 (Wilhelm Müller
  16. Der Nachtwandler VWV 1080 (Richard Pohl)
  17. Rätsel VWV 1092 (Richard Pohl)
  18. Märchen / Waldeinsamkeit VWV 1096 (Richard Pohl
  19. Verfehltes Leben VWV 1079 (Richard Pohl)
  20. Allein / Erwartung VWV 1098 (Richard Pohl)
  21. Vor Gericht VWV 1076 (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
  22. Finnisches Lied VWV 1100 (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
  23. Ständchen / Anliegen VWV 1077 (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

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